How to Register?

  • Using Kacip

    You can read our Security Guide which explains on how you can secure your account.

    1. Create your own username, please make sure your username not same as other username. Write your right email address and own password, confirm your password that your create. Create your own secret PIN, make sure use a strong secret PIN and you must remember your secret PIN, at least 4 number.
    2. Make sure Login guard is enabled. It protects you from logins from unknown web browsers. When Login Guard detects a login from a new web browser it asks you to confirm your browser by clicking a link sent to the email address you have used to register your account. Login Guard is automatically turned on for all new users. Read more about Login Guard.
    3. Remember to use a strong password, one with at least 10 characters. To make it easier to remember difficult passwords we recommend you use a password manager such as KeePass ( ), KeePassX ( / ) or 1Password ( / ).
    4. Do not use the same password on other websites and do not give your password to other people, even your friends.
    5. Do not use an email provider that does not require a password, like yopmail, as it makes it possible to access your account without needing to know your password.
    6. You can enable all of these security features under Security from your profile.

    With Bitcoins, the owner of the wallet and the Bitcoins is responsible for his/her own security. If your user account is compromised you will lose your Bitcoins, and because Bitcoin transactions are NOT reversible it is not possible for Kacip to help you get them back. That's why it's very important to follow the security tips given above.